Ticket templates are pointless if you have to select an asset to use them

  • 11 November 2022
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I created a ticket template, which automatically drills down the ticket type, issue category, and issue.

In my case, it would be an easy way for an agent to set up a common repair for a computer.


Great, right?


Well, not really — because, of course, the agent needs to associate the repair with an asset. So when they click the button to pull up the asset, guess what happens?

They’re prompted to drill down the ticket type, issue category, and issue — the whole point of the template was preventing the user from having to do that.


Long story short: ticket templates are pointless if the agent has to select an asset.

3 replies


This is NO way this can be expected behavior. This has to be a bug, right?

The whole point of a ticket template is to save time.

Why would selecting the asset require the agent to go through the entire ticket type / issue selection when it was already set in the template?!





So basically, let’s say you have a fleet of 1,000 computers. All the same make, model, manufacturer, etc.


You create a ticket template for a broken screen. It’s a common issue, and it doesn’t matter which it happens on, because all 1,000 of the computers are the same.


The only thing you need is to plug the asset tag in, so you can track which of the 1,000 computers have had new screens.


The ticket template is now pointless, because, attempting to select the asset, you have to re-select the model, issue category, issue — even though the template should be the same, every time. All that should be there is a blank field for the asset #.


Back to just clicking through everything 1,000 times.

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You are right about your workflow for having to select an asset with ticket templates. Our team has been aware of this issue and I am looking further into this. 


Thank you for providing your workflow above. This helps us with knowing the exact workflow you are wanting to accomplish. 


I know having to go through multiple steps is a pain. But ticket templates could still spend your agent's time. One of the benefits of ticket templates is they can “work” the ticket as well. Like… 

  • Setting Ticket or Asset Status
  • Adding Resolution Actions
  • Adding Parts
  • Adding Comments



Here are some other examples that districts use with ticket templates. A lot of ticket templates are set on a schedule for recurring maintenance/updates: 

  • Password Resets
  • Create Badges
  • The high school website expires
  • Servers expirations
  • Phone updates