Congratulations to our swag giveaway winners! 🥳

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Congratulations to our swag giveaway winners! 🥳



Congratulations to @TamiRust & @VNelson 633453d nsd for winning the drawing for our community birthday swag giveaway. Incident IQ swag is heading your way soon! 🎁


Thank you for your participation!


Earlier this month, the Incident IQ community turned ONE year old. We posted an article highlighting your contributions and achievements from the community’s first year to celebrate the community’s birthday. YOU are what makes the Incident IQ community thrive, and we appreciate you!

Thank you to the following community members who took the time to reply in the community birthday article and share their thoughts and experiences on the iiQ community 👏.


Community Participants






@NLarson 9604564 kearsarge



@JPisani 803812b lcalions



@VNelson 633453d nsd


@CWorth 520e232 gtc


@LBombard 3401ec0 rochester


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Ohhh SO Close! Congrats to the winners, and thanks IIQ!

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I think this level of engagement with the community is awesome! Active and fun! Congrats to the winners :)

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Thank you @CWorth 520e232 gtc and @jclark16 for being a part of it!! 😄

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Congrats to @TamiRust and @VNelson 633453d nsd 

Thanks to everyone that is part of this community! We love seeing all the collaboration which is exactly what this community is about. 


More swag give aways to come - so keep a look out 😎