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@SHunter 64702cf monroeric Welcome to the Community! We do use so many acronyms, and I am glad you found our knowledge base! Looking forward to seeing your name in the community! 


Thank you. 😎

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Hello! I’m Veronica Cassidy the Technology Coordinator at Tecumseh Local Schools in New Carlisle, Ohio. We have been using IQ for a about 2 years. We have found the spare pool is an amazing option! I can’t wait to learn from everyone here.

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@VCassidy Hi Veronica!! Welcome to Community. Looking forward to seeing all your knowledge in our community! 😄

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Hello all,

My name is Frank Gonzales, I am computer support, working in the Palo Alto Unified School District.

We are just starting out with iiQ, we currently only have the Asset module and we still going through our onboarding.

So far with the little time we have had with the software, I was able to get my Google devices in and check in my senior devices, worked great.

I’m hoping to pick brains in here and get things setup this summer so when school starts next year we will have lots of our items in the system and are ready for checking out 1:1 devices at our secondaries.  As well and having one place that will house all our inventory in the district so we are not going to different programs and sheets when looking for items.


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@FGonzales 4306de6 pausd We are so excited you are here! There are so many users who are and will be sharing all of the “prep before the beginning of the year” best practices, tips, and tricks! 

Welcome, and looking forward to seeing you during office hours!!

Hello, My name Ondre. I am a maintenance tec for SD308 in Il. This is day 1 for me and I am looking for basic training videos on ow to get started.


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Welcome @OSchoensee 7230210 sd308 I am so glad you have found Academy! It is such a useful tool!! Looking forward to seeing your name more in Community!

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@OSchoensee 7230210 sd308 I am realizing I read your comment incorrectly. You can check out our Academy! This has videos for admins and agents learning how to best use our software: 

If you click the link, it will take you there! 😄

My name is Tracie Winslow and I’m the Data & Learning Systems Administrator at Lincoln Public Schools (Lincoln, Massachusetts). I began my role two weeks ago, which is when I began using iiQ. Before working at LPS, I was a Linux systems engineer for an information security company. 

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@tracie.winslow Welcome to our Community Tracie!! Looking forward to seeing all your knowledge growth here as you learn more about iiQ! 😄


My name is Shawn Surma. I am a LAN Manager at Liverpool Central School District in Upstate NY, just north of Syracuse.  We are going through the onboarding process now for Incident IQ. Since we have not really started usuing it I am not sure what workflows it will assist me with.  We have been using a product called WebHelpDesk for about 15 years, I am ready to migrate to Incident IQ, everything I have seen so far looks like it is just what we need here at my District.

I am the one that pushed to get Incident IQ started, I plan to retire in a little over a year and want to get everyone all set with the new system before I leave. I have patched together a bunch of other databases using FileMaker Pro and want to leave the systems better than I found them 25 years ago.

I hope to learn as much as possible and I think communities like this are instrumental in that process.

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@SSurma 983831c liverpoolcsd WELCOME!! Looking forward to seeing what our system can do for you! 

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Hi All! My name is Joan Tate and I work with the Monroe School District in Washington State. We are implementing both the Facilities and Events modules. Any advice is greatly appreciated! 😀

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@JTate 80a102 monroe Welcome Joan! So excited to hear how your district is using Facilities and Events!! 😃

Hi, I’m Ann Foland, a technology specialist with Liverpool Schools in New York. We are new to IIQ and are looking forward to this change.  

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@AFoland 5432dc5 liverpoolcsd Hi Ann!!! Welcome to iiQ and Community! Looking forward to having you here with us. 

Hello, My name is Katie Nevoraski.

I am the HR Benefit Specialist at Mukwonago Area School District in Mukwonago, WI.

I am new to Incident IQ.

I am a working mom of 7 (3 girls/4 boys), 3 cute little dogs, and I am a HUGE Disney FAN!!

I am looking forward of learning ways in which Incident IQ can benefits my job and workflow.

I look forward to meeting and learning from you.

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@KNevoraski 9536ed7 masd Katie, HELLO, and WELCOME! 

We are all dog lovers on the Community team, and I am actually going to Disney for the first time ever at the end of this year. 

We are so excited to see your posts about your HRSD workflows 😄

We will be going to Disney is less than 2 weeks.  My daughter is celebrating her 13th birthday with her 13th visit to the parks.  I was a Disney Vacation Planner prior to COVID.


I am excited as well to see what I have to learn from this group!


  • What is your name? 👋

    • Kristopher Howe

  • What is your job title and where is your district located? 💻

    • Technologist

    • Rockland, MA

  • How long have you been using Incident IQ? ⏰

    • Roughly 1 month

  • What is 1 way Incident IQ has benefitted your job and workflow? 👍

    • The system is currently being implemented so it has not improved anything, yet but I expect that will greatly enhance our asset management and trouble ticket work flows and tracking. 

  • Anything you’d like the community to know about you? 😊

    • I have been working in the IT field for about 18 years. I spent the first part of my career as an Information Technology Specialist and cross trained as a Signal Operations Support Specialist. I have been working for a school district for the last 10 years. I have a very open style job where I work on the servers, networks, security systems such as video surveillance and access control, telecommunications and a variety of other systems within our buildings while also working in a help desk type role supporting the end users. On the side, I am also a volunteer map editor for Waze.

  • What are you looking for from this community? 🔎

    • I see this community as a wealth of knowledge and experience that I hope I can tap into as needed. I also see it as an open door to the development teams to be able to share ideas and potentially see them implemented to make our lives easier. 

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@KHowe 90708b3 rockland Welcome to our Community!! I am so excited to see the knowledge you will bring to this community! 😄

  • What is your name? Lisa Fusco

  • What is your job title and where is your district located? Director of Technology, Mamaroneck, NY

  • How long have you been using Incident IQ? 3 months

  • What is 1 way Incident IQ has benefitted your job and workflow? improved communication with staff regarding their specific incidents

  • Anything you’d like the community to know about you? I’m easily baffled, be patient with me, lol.

  • What are you looking for from this community? I don’t want to keep asking support to answer my questions - I look to the community for guidance when I don’t know something and solutions if there is a better way.

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@LFusco 45073f4 fasny Hi Lisa! Welcome to the Community. Looking forward to getting to know you and your district workflows! 😄

Hello, my name is Evelyn Suarez.  I wear many hats at my school. (Teacher, Media Specialist, IB Coordinator, Asset Manager etc) This is my first time using IQ.  I transfered to a middle school in the district of Miami-Dade so everything is new to me. I feel very overwhelmed. I am hoping this community will help me understand the steps needed to distribute, collect and organize mobile devices.