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@SHunter 64702cf monroeric Welcome to the Community! We do use so many acronyms, and I am glad you found our knowledge base! Looking forward to seeing your name in the community! 

Thank you. 😎


Hello! I’m Veronica Cassidy the Technology Coordinator at Tecumseh Local Schools in New Carlisle, Ohio. We have been using IQ for a about 2 years. We have found the spare pool is an amazing option! I can’t wait to learn from everyone here.

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@VCassidy Hi Veronica!! Welcome to Community. Looking forward to seeing all your knowledge in our community! 😄

Hello all,

My name is Frank Gonzales, I am computer support, working in the Palo Alto Unified School District.

We are just starting out with iiQ, we currently only have the Asset module and we still going through our onboarding.

So far with the little time we have had with the software, I was able to get my Google devices in and check in my senior devices, worked great.

I’m hoping to pick brains in here and get things setup this summer so when school starts next year we will have lots of our items in the system and are ready for checking out 1:1 devices at our secondaries.  As well and having one place that will house all our inventory in the district so we are not going to different programs and sheets when looking for items.


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@FGonzales 4306de6 pausd We are so excited you are here! There are so many users who are and will be sharing all of the “prep before the beginning of the year” best practices, tips, and tricks! 

Welcome, and looking forward to seeing you during office hours!!