The iiQ Newsletter Birthday Edition

  • 5 October 2023
  • 7 replies

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The newsletter has officially been around for ONE YEAR! To celebrate our 13th edition, we want to do a little giveaway. If you enjoy reading our monthly community newsletter, we want to know your favorite portion! Maybe you enjoy seeing the events we are attending or helping other iiQ community members. 


We will pick a winner in a few weeks to receive some Incident IQ swag! Comment below with your favorite part of the newsletter to enter

7 replies

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I actually love the “Customer Spotlights”. It shows that you pay attention to the community and acknowledge them for their engagement. Plus, I get the chance to see some things that I might have missed if I wasn’t able to log in for a while. I hope that level of interaction continues as time goes on!


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As silly as this may sound, I like how its formatted - I feel its easy to read and get to the information most relevant to me. It may seem simple, but after staring at a million different UI configurations its nice to land on a screen and get that feeling of “this should actually be helpful.”

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I like having everything in one place- upcoming events, customer spotlight, hints and tips...some other companies will send out multiple emails instead of condensing into one easy to read format!

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I agree with @jclark16! Seeing the Customer Spotlights helps you feel like you are not totally doing it all wrong. It's great to see ideas from other districts that have been there before. Its always great to see new perspectives as well.


(I started typing this at 9 this morning, its the thought that counts right?)

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I like seeing the different areas of interest highlighted because I can then click on the link to get more information. 

I like the Customer Spotlights, because it helps us to see that we’re a part of a community that’s larger than “just” our local school district.

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Congratulations, @PHansen 5674a13 c-vusd! You are our swag winner. I will reach out to you privately on where to send your prize. Thank you to everyone who commented. We are so glad you all enjoy receiving the newsletter, and I loved reading about your favorite parts.