The Incident IQ community just turned 1! 🥳

The Incident IQ community just turned 1! 🥳

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Happy 1 year Community!! I am so thankful for this amazing resource for districts and myself alike. So much hard work went into this site and it shows.


Allison Rosenbaum-Implementation Specialist


So good to have a place to ask questions and read other’s stories!

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Happy Anniversary! I really enjoyed our Lunch&Learn this week. It was great meeting part of the team and learning from other districts. I am looking forward to all that Community brings forward in the coming years!

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Happy Anniversary IIQCommunity! I really do like that ideas are looked at for candidacy and consideration!

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Thank You IIQ for making our transition from Solar Winds ticketing system to IIQ ticketing system an easy, smooth transition here at Gateway Technical College :)