Are teachers allowed to reset students' passwords?

  • 16 February 2022
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Are teachers allowed to reset students’ passwords?


Best answer by Hannah Bailey 1 March 2022, 15:54

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You have the ability to allow your teachers to reset students' password through My Classes. There are a few settings that have to be enabled. 

Need to learn more about My Classes? Please see the detailed guides here

First, under Site Options, enable the My Classes feature. This will allow the teachers to access the My Classes feature on their dashboard.

Next, go to the Permission Policy page. Select the permission policy for your teachers to give access to reset students' password through My Classes. Navigate to the User section. Enable the View and Manage all user's options. This will give that teacher role access to the student user profile to reset their password. 


Now in your Password Assistance Policy, under the section Who can perform the password reset, you will need to assign the role you gave access to View the student user profile. Once saved, they can change the student password through My Classes. 

Please review this knowledge base guide for more in-depth content around password assistance and allowing teacher change students passwords. 


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May I ask for clarification… are those assigned Permissions opening up possible mis-steps with Teachers adding or deleting students?  Or possibly changing some info?

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No they are not able to make any changes (besides resetting password) to the users profile. 

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Curious also, is there a limit to how many (Google and AzureAD, for example) that the Password Assistant can reset at the same time?

Say a teacher needs to reset a Student password… will it set it the same in Google and AzureAD?  If both are configured?

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Badge +13 I do not think there is a limited amount of password changes. However, on our end, the password should reset on both platforms. 

@davecarty recently worked with one of our implementation specialists. Dave, do you have any thoughts to add here or able to talk about your experience? 

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We currently have IIQ setting the password in Google, Azure, and local AD when the password is changed. We haven’t had an issue.