Batch check in batch check out

  • 22 August 2023
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Batch check in batch check out not in on the moble app. how do i add that in ? 

5 replies

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@FMullen 6130352 longwoodcsd Thank you for submitting your question in our Community. 

I don’t think we can use Rollout Scout within the app. This would be a great enhancement for our mobile app! You can use Rapid Scan. Here is the article to get you set up with Mobile: 


So there is no way to add a new asset from the Mobile App ? 

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@FMullen 6130352 longwoodcsd Head to the Assets Explorer page. Screenshot from my iPad this morning. Hit that plus, and you will be able to create a new asset. 😄



When using Batch Check in the Chromebooks go to “Storage”, is there a way this can be changed to “In Service” when checked in?

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@MLittle 1102c1e casdonline I have provided the answer to your post here: