Can we email the policy to our users?

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We just created a new policy in Policy Manager. Is it possible to email it to our users?


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You can send an email through iiQ to the target users that contains a link to the policy. To the right of the policy click More and then Email Target Users. Next, you can edit the subject line and body of the email. Automatically the Policy link will be inserted into the email. The link that is inserted is dependent on the acceptance method selected when creating the policy. 


If the Direct URL acceptance method is enabled, the link within the email will direct the user to their unique URL to the policy. 


If the Lookup ID acceptance method is enabled, the link within the email will direct the user to the Lookup page. From the lookup page the user will enter in their ID to access the policy. 



Here is a in-depth knowledge base guide about policy manager: 



Can we send the email to just users who have not accepted the policy? I know I can do individual links, but I would love to be able to send it out again to just those who haven’t accepted. 

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@jblock For most policies, you cannot automatically email the people who have not yet accepted the policy.  You can export the target users and then send the policy based on the list of people who have not accepted. However, that would be lots of manual work. 

 You can include the people who have declined to make sure they will see the policy.