Cancel Old Approval Workflow

  • 30 August 2023
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How do I cancel this APROVAL REQUIRED? I have sent it to myself multiple times and through my email selected APPROVED but it takes me back to the ticket and doesn’t allow me to do anything because the APPROVAL REQUIRED is still unselected. 

Please assist. 


thank you 


5 replies

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@NNiusulu 243c917 nhusd Thank you for submitting your question to our Community. 

In order to adjust your approvals, you will need to head to Rules where you set them up. Here is a guide that will help you: 



You can’t currently, I wish you could. A work around I did was to add myself (as an admin) to the ticket, and send an approval to myself and then delete it/approve it.

Thanks @akorkishko .

I am the Admin. I don’t have the option to delete the approval and now the approval selections keep showing up for approval causing me not to be able to Resolve the Ticket. 



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@NNiusulu 243c917 nhusd I have a meeting set up with my supervisor to go over this! I will let you know what we find! 😄

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@NNiusulu 243c917 nhusd I looked through the rules you have set up in facilities, and it looks like you have multiple rules that overlap. I would suggest reaching out to your CSM to go through this more thoroughly 😄