Changing location in batch check in/out

  • 5 March 2024
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I’m not sure if I missed this somewhere, but when batch checking in/out, it seems like the only “location change” you can do is the storage location. We have multiple sites, and when a site sends devices off for repair, our process is to change the actual location, not the storage location of those devices. We change the location to the repair center/warehouse.

We’ve attempted to use the batch check in feature for this, since we would like to check those devices in to the repair center/warehouse to show where they physically are for inventory tracking purposes. This is also important because those devices may not end up going back to the same site they came from, depending on inventory needs. Is there a way to change the actual location, rather than simply changing the storage location?

We really need to be able to change locations, since if the devices are sent off, they are no longer physically at Site A, but if we create a view and filter by location, those devices would still show as being at “Site A” despite physically being at “Warehouse”. We’re getting around this by using the rapid scan feature, but it would be a little easier to do it from the batch check in page. I’m also not sure if the batch check in triggers our asset verification rule - we set it up to automatically verify when a device is checked in or out, but since we can’t use the batch check in for our purposes, we haven’t been able to test if it would work.


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9 replies

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@TMatsuya 8234910 apsb Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

You can set the location when you check in devices. You can change this location as needed for those new devices. 

Additionally, you can always write a rule to adjust the verification - it should work either with batch check-in/out or basic. Additionally, you could add a rule that when a device is checked in to change, unassign the location. 

Your workaround would be a rapid scan if it is not updating. I hope this helps 😄 

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@Kathryn Carter I guess I should have included a screenshot, what you included there is what I was talking about. That dropdown sets the storage location, it doesn’t actually change the location of the device. In the screenshot below, you can see that when I used the batch check in to try to change the location from “Stock” to one of our other sites, it only set the location under “Storage Information” to Sorrento Distribution Center, but the location of the device (and what shows up in our views) is still the “Stock” location. Like I said, we’re currently using the rapid scan feature which works well enough, but it kind of defeats the purpose of the batch check in feature if we can’t use it to change location. Not to mention, it would be faster for us to use that method.


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@TMatsuya 8234910 apsb Thanks for being patient with my reply! I have been thinking about a good solution for you and I think I found one. 

You can assign the location each time a device comes in. Now, it would be setting up a rule for each location, but I think it might help at least get those main devices to the correct location. If the storage location is ____, then assign the location to ___. 


I agree that this should be an feature when checking in a device at a location instead of creating a rule for every location (over 50 at our site). We used Follett before iiQ and when a staff member checked in a device at a location it was not assigned to, it poped up a warning “This device is assigned to X location do you want to move it to XX Location?” Since students dont always turn in their device before transferring, this help catch devices that needed to be sent back to their origional location. If staff member said yes to this pop up, it updated the device to the new location automatically. 

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Thank you @JConnors 657bfbe wcpsmd for your feedback! 

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@Kathryn Carter Sorry, I missed your previous reply. We thought about the rule setup, but that still (unless we were doing something wrong) set the storage location as well. That’s not a big deal, but we prefer not having unnecessary info in each asset’s details. The rapid scan/device filtering option works well enough for now so we’ll keep using that. Thank you though!

@JConnors 657bfbe wcpsmd We used Follet before as well; honestly a lot of things that I struggle with when it comes to IIQ is because I was used to the way Follet worked. Those things I feel are more efficient, but at the same time IIQ is definitely more efficient in other ways.



@Kathryn Carter I am with @TMatsuya 8234910 apsb, I would like the same inventory request and not having to set up a rule for each of our locations would be preffered. We want the location to change for inventory as well. The batch check in holds the building location and we do not use the storage feature. If a device moves from one school to the next, and checking it into that location would be the best. @TMatsuya 8234910 apsb explained it best in the intial question. We have no way of knowing now how many devices are sitting at each school. 

Thoughts on how we can make this happen?

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Thank you @TMatsuya 8234910 apsb and @Tammy Forby for your additional feedback. At this time, this would be a feature request submitted through our Idea Exchange. 

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I just added it, for anyone who wants to upvote it: