Classlink SIS Rooms

  • 17 May 2023
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I see the option to ‘Add Rooms to Users’ in the Classlink settings, but what field in Classlink is it using? We’re pretty sure our rooms are not in Classlink. But, if we wanted to put them in there so they get pulled into IIQ, what field do we need to populate... or can we have IIQ get it from a user’s custom metadata field in Classlink?

1 reply

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Hi @LREAGOR 54388e3 sville Thanks for your question! Unfortunately we cannot pull rooms from ClassLink. After looking at your site it looks like some rooms did add to some faculty members, maybe by sheer luck or these users populated them on their own profiles? I would suggest importing them manually into your site and having teachers select their assigned room when they log in under their name> My profile> Assigned Room. This will empower the end user to change their room each year or add additional rooms they may need. Thanks!