Export data from IIQ Forms as csv?

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Is there a way to export the data collected from an IIQ Form as a csv?  For example, if we use a form to ensure that we capture all of the necessary data when the user submits a new employee provisioning request, it would be helpful to then be able to export all of the new employee data submissions into a csv for other processing/uploads, etc.  

Would we be better off using custom fields for each piece of data that needs to be collected?


Best answer by Layla Stone 18 March 2024, 16:39

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@RKEstrada Thank you for submitting your question and being patient. 

I would suggest the custom fields. You would be able to filter by those and export most columns. Here is an idea to upvote about exporting all columns - 


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 I’ve got good news for you! With our newest enhancement, you can now export form submissions to CSV. Any fields included in any submissions of the Form will be included in the export.




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Hi @Layla Stone

  This is awesome news!  Thanks for the enhancement and the update!