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  • 20 December 2023
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We are using the fines and fees app and was wondering if there's a section to see all open dues to generate invoices or can you only export the full data and have to go back into each students profile and generate statements 

3 replies

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@PVan Gilst 293b07f vtsd 

You could create a custom view and then add the additional columns and export that view. Also, from that view you can bulk generate and send statements. 


There are filters for fee tracker… “Balance, Past Due Amount.” Then from there you can select all the users and Generate Statement.




Thanks Hannah, we set up our view, however we noticed if you remove a fine, or pay it off the user still shows on the list. We have the filter set to greater than or equal to 0 since we allow students one accident free of charge but still send the 0.00 statement to let them know they used their free charge. Is there a way I'm not seeing to remove users with paid off or deleted invoices? 

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@PVan Gilst 293b07f vtsd Since you allow that first $0.00 charge, they will probably stay on that list since they have a charge, and that is technically a balance. I suggest creating the balance as $0.01 and marking it then charged so the $0.00 will not count towards the user - they will not appear on your list.