Google Devices app -- Custom map by OU: Formatting

  • 7 March 2024
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Hello all,


I need to assign iiQ Locations to our Chromebooks based on our Google Admin OUs for the devices in the Google Devices app under the Location Mappings tab. I’m having a bit of a problem:


  1. Is there a way to select a parent OU and have all of the child OUs under it automatically adopt the location of the parent?
  2. Do I need to enter the domain as the root of the path or is a / enough at the start of the OU?
  3. Do I need to adopt any special formatting for the path entry in Google Devices when the OU in Google Admin has a space in the name?
  4. Is the formatting literally <root>/Parent OU/Child OU/Child OU/Child OU/ ?


We have a fairly standard OU tree.

I would love to just be able to enter ...

  • /Chrome Devices/AD/ for all devices in child OUs for our District Office.
  • /Chrome Devices/BE/ for all devices in child OUs for Berney Elementary.
  • /Chrome Devices/CCF/ for all devices in child OUs for Center for Children & Families.
  • /Chrome Devices/ED/ for all devices in child OUs for Edison Elementary.

… etc., but I can manually enter each OU if I need to. Nothing is working, no matter what combination of formatting I use, so far.



Thanks for any help!

Steve Rinehart

Cybersecurity and Help Desk Engineer | Walla Walla Public Schools

4 replies

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We have this set up under the Google app management under location mappings. There select “Map by OU:...”. Then your locations should show and just enter the OUs you want to match the location. See the picture below on how ours are set up.




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@Steve Rinehart what you’re describing should work, because that’s exactly what we’re doing. You don’t need to include your root domain name. Just the /Chrome Devices/AD (without the final / should work).

You will have to manually type them in, there’s no dropdown to choose from for OU’s there.

Once you change those mappings, you will have to run a sync again.

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@Steve Rinehart Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

Thanks @jclark and @mrodriguez for jumping in. Steve, have you gotten this to sync as you would like it to? 


Thanks, all. It turned out that our iiQ reps had to refine the Google Devices app settings. Now that that's finished, I've been able to map everything from Google OUs to iiQ Locations and it works!