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I’m trying to test the Google Devices OU Write back feature by manually running a Full Sync.  When I do this, my test device does not move into the mapped OU as I would expect it to.  However, when I manually Push Data the device does move into the mapped OU as expected.  I’m trying to understand why this is the case.  My thought is that the Full Sync would also include pushing data to Google, so can you tell me why the device’s OU doesn’t change on a Full Sync, but does change on a data Push? 

I want to ensure that our devices will change OU’s during the nightly sync based on our OU mappings.


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@Robert Cebula Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

A full sync will not push the data - only pull it into iiQ. The nightly sync will push and pull data. This seems to be working as we are expecting it to. 

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Thank you for getting back to me.