Is there a way to have the Google Devices App pull Disk space usage from Google Admin?

  • 1 November 2022
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I am looking for a way to pull the disk space usage from the System activity and troubleshooting  section in Google Admin. It would be nice to track how much of your disk space is being used on any given Chromebook. We are constantly having to clear profiles from these devices. Does anyone know of a way to use IIQ’s Google Devices App to pull this info from Google Admin?


5 replies

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@lpreedom Thank you for submitting your question. 

I believe you should be able to read it from Google Devices. Head to Apps / Manage / Google Devices. After you are in Google Devices, head to General Settings / Custom Value Mapping / Custom Fields. I hope this helps! 😄


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Both myself and my coworker looked all over that area and could not find any option that does what we want it to do. 

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Would it be one of the DiskVolumeReports ones? If so, I can only read half of the three options. How would you know what you are selecting?

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@lpreedom Thank you for your patience on this. I have been doing a dig behind the scenes for you. 

I have submitted a support ticket on your behalf to be able to scroll to view the whole name of those fields above and to help you specifically identify the correct one. 

In the meantime, I would suggest mapping all 3 and then removing the ones that you do not end up wanting after.

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Wanted to follow up on this based on the support ticket.

The 3 options in the drop-down are for "Storage total", "Storage Free" and "volume ID" and are. visible from the asset details within the google devices app. This is currently very clunky for filtering, and you wouldn't have the ability to view this info from the asset details page after it has been mapped.

Appears that the field that you have mapped now is either pulling from the "storage free" or "storage total" attributes for this field. We don't think mapping this information will provide much utility for you currently as each device could technically have multiple values for each attribute per "volumeID".

Looks like you have already submitted an idea for this. 🙌🏼