Unmapped models - Microsoft SCCM MDM

  • 26 April 2024
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I have a handful of devices that are not mapped because their model could not be mapped.  I have many different machines in this list.  I’m assuming they’re under Asset Model [Not Set], however, I don’t want all of these devices to map to a single iiQ model.  Any thoughts on this?

3 replies

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Normally, you will have to add models listed in your SCCM and then point to “model” created in IIQ. These can by custom made under Admin>models and selected in your model mapping settings. 

For whatever reason, I have approximately 100 machines of various models with their model (blank) in SCCM.  Wasn’t sure if I could override each individually somehow and enter the correct model directly into iiQ, but they’re not making it into my assets because they’re not mapped. I could set it to map all of those different machines as the same machine, but if I can’t change the model after it’s mapped, that won’t work.  

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@Amanda McP Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

If you have a spreadsheet with these devices, you can do an import to fix those models and have the correct model set. Additionally, you can bulk-set information for those assets once they are in iiQ. 

 Thanks @mrodriguez for jumping in too!