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I’ve reviewed related links and posts regarding fee’s and payments but have yet to find a similar inquiry similar to my issue. Our District is in need of pulling a report by each school site to see which students have an outstanding balance of unpaid fee’s. Can you please provide assistance with how I can, if possible, run a quiry or report by site to see the total and which particular students have unpaid fee’s? This would be greatly appreciated as we are down to our final days prior to kids being out for summer break. 


Thank you kindly!


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Great question! I had to test this out myself. 

You could create a custom view (per location) with the following filters to achieve this: 

  • Role 
  • Location 
  • Balance (Total)

Then you can add additional columns to see more relevant information. Then you are able to export this view to an excel file if needed. I hope this helps.


Is there a way to send a bulk email out to all students who have a balance due?

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You can filter your user view by “Oldest Past Due Balance” and then use the bulk actions to send the email with the invoice. I hope this helps! 😁




Thank you @Hannah Bailey 

Is there a way to take this one step further and automate that bulk operation? If you’ve set up the view and you have the oldest past due balance, can you trigger a rule that will email the users in bulk?

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@jadamswpsd Currently you can not set it up with rules to send the invoice to the user. This would be great addition to our idea exchange:

You can only do this manually by bulk actions.