Adding Notes to multiple assets at once

  • 17 November 2022
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Is there a way to add a note to multiple assets at one time?  For example, I had some assets stolen during a break-in and would like to put in the notes the reason they are marked stolen.  I can go into each asset and type a note, but it would be much faster if I could put it in for multiple assets at one time.


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5 replies

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@PKULP 1838ecd caddoschools Thank you for submitting your question. 😄

Currently, this is not an action our system supports. However, this is a great idea and you should submit into our Idea Exchange. Here is the link:

Thank you, I will.

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This idea stemmed from this question:


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@PKULP 1838ecd caddoschools 

There is a way to add notes to assets in bulk. 

From an asset, view select multiple assets. Select Other> Set Info



Then select Notes from the drop down menu


Thank you so much!  You have saved me a lot of time.