Adding two new printers, how do I choose the correct model?

     Hello and thanks for having me as part of the community. We purchased two very specific printers for the art department and when I go to add a new asset, the specific model does not come up as an option in the drop-down menu. The printers are HP Color LaserJet Pro 4201dn and I see hundreds of options but not that one. For the time being, I just chose a model that looked somewhat similar and created the asset, but I was hoping to be able to map it specifically to the correct make/model if possible.


     I apologize if this is a “newb” question, but this is my first full year(school season here ends in a few weeks) working in a school district environment, thus my first year of  engaging/interacting with iiQ. Also, for additional reference, I created a support ticket but the response was just a link to an article for uploading large CSV files, whereas, I literally just need to do these two printers, as the rest of the district uses other models. 


   Thank you for any assistance that can be offered.  

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If you have the appropriate permissions in IIQ, you can create new models. Under admin, click “Models” and then look to see if you have the “+ Add Model” option on the upper right corner.

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@JDunlap 763bce3 gcsd Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 Welcome to iiQ; we are so glad you are here! 

So if your printer is not on the models list, I would create a new model. Are these printers mapped through your MDM? If so, which one? If you are uploading your devices via CSV that might be your best option. 

I would suggest just creating the new models just as @TDeering 407bd83 chsd155 added above! This way, you can add all the information you need about the printer, especially if it is only 2 printers.