Alternate asset tag format/size?

  • 24 March 2023
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The built-in asset tag format works fine for physically larger devices (monitors, laptops, printers, etc.). However, I have come up against a number of devices where having the asset tag really improves our life, but the device itself is small.

For example: the remotes that go with our hybrid classroom cameras. The asset tag lets us easily see which remote is paired with which camera. (And re-pairing them is a pain in the tuchus.) But… the standard size asset tag is just too big for the remote. Last spring I had an arts-and-crafts afternoon, having printed out 75% scale labels and then cutting them down.

I have a handful of AV equipment that similarly lacks a large enough surface for a standard tag.

Anyone have a good trick for printing _readable_, smaller asset tags? An approach for adding a second asset tag format to IIQ to print as an alternate in this situation?


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4 replies

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@sbattis This is a great idea! Thank you for sharing!!

This is not currently possible; however, here is an idea for you to upvote and comment on to support more customization with our labels!


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How do I get Dymo Durable Label #19333081-Size 1” X 3 1/2” into incidentiq?

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@lovejov Thanks for your question. You may have already taken some of these steps but here they are. 

First, install Dymo Connect as the label printer. Then set the Dymo as the default printer by going to Devices>Printers & scanners>Select a printer>Manage>Set as default. 

Next, for the actual printer settings, the default label size is 1” X 3 1/2", so you may have to add a margin at the top which you should be able to do in the app or in the printer settings through the printer settings menu within Window. I hope this helps. 😄