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  • 24 February 2023
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Hello! I am new to IQ & I am trying to locate the archived imports that were previously done with our assets. I see some of the imports say “Import results have been archived” but cannot locate where they are. I need to verify some items imported but not sure how to locate the archive. Appreciate any help on locating that. Thanks!

5 replies

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@CRoth 77076eb olsd Thank you for submitting your question! 

If you know the asset to spot-check, you can search for the asset and review the device’s timeline. I would suggest searching for the asset first. I hope this helps 😄

Unfortunately I need to be able to review older import reports. I am trying to find devices from the imports that were skipped because IQ marked them as duplicates.

I discovered on several recent imports that some devices (184 Total) were marked as duplicate & not imported. Unfortunately when I checked the ones it had marked as duplicates I found they did not actually exist in IQ. For some reason IQ marked them as duplicate even though the asset tags did not exist.

I need to go back to earlier imports & review the duplicate/skipped to verify they are in IQ. We have been in the process of importing from our old system & I need to check that it actually has our assets recorded. Thanks.

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@CRoth 77076eb olsd On that note, go ahead and submit a support ticket. They will need to contact our Dev team to see if they can pull that information. It is in our system; we will just have to get the right people to find it for you! 

Awesome! I appreciate it! Thanks!

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@CRoth 77076eb olsd 

Side note, it is 30 days before it is archived.