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  • 10 March 2023
  • 7 replies

I added two Chromebook’s into my assets and they are showing up in my counts but when I try and search them they do not show up. I cannot pull them up to edit them or anything. 

7 replies

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@RSnowden 9276f81 wego33 Thank you for submitting your question. 

What are the asset tag numbers?

Thanks Kathryn,

28526172, 28526173

Now they are showing up… Thanks in advance if someone did anything.

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@RSnowden 9276f81 wego33 I am glad things are up and running for you again!!


Kathryn Carter,

I’m noticing some iPad’s that should be showing up from Sync with Mosyle are not showing up. 

The asset tag numbers are 28527539, 28527571, 28527557, 28527575, 28527535, and 28527554.


I’m seeing that they were part of they Full Sync but I cannot see them when I try and search for them. 

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@RSnowden 9276f81 wego33 I looked at your recent import, and the Action on the asset was for it to “skip.” You need to ensure you have the “update” action set for those devices above. I would try to import just those again. Let me know how that goes!! 😄


Thanks so much…. Just not sure why my Mosyle Sync is skipping those iPad’s. thanks for the input