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  • 19 August 2022
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Is there a way to change an asset’s storage location without having to go to the asset and editing it?

I have multiple devices whose storage locations need to be changed.


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Hey there @melissa.gardner. This can be done through bulk actions within your Assets Explorer. If you have a spreadsheet with the list of assets you want to update the location for, you can easily copy and paste these items and bulk update their locations by following the directions below. 

  1. Navigate to the Assets Explorer > Devices
  2. Add Filter > Assets
  3. Copy the asset tag numbers from your list and past them in the search bar within the filter window in iiQ. Once you paste your items, you will start to see the items being pulled and added under Selected Assets. Select Save Selection.
    **The example shown below is for users, however, the same steps apply.

  4. You will now see a view of your selected assets from your spreadsheet. At this point, you can apply your bulk actions. Choose the Move icon to bulk update the locations.

    Please reach back out if you have any issues or any more questions!

So just to add to this if I can, you can also remove storage location with rules. For instance, when a device is checked out, I have it set to remove any storage location info.


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@JConnors 657bfbe wcpsmd - GREAT call out here! Thank you for sharing 😁