Asset View - Total # of the model at a location

  • 27 January 2023
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I have a view for a Location to list the inventory there.
It generates a list of 1500 items.

How can I see the total # of each of those?
I’m trying to balance inventory, but do I have to export this report just to get totals?


  • 75 keyboard/mouse combos
  • 35 mouse
  • 24 HP ProBook model
  • 18 Macbook Air

3 replies

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Best way I know is to create a filter each time, filtering out that model or category-then you can see the total at the bottom of the report.  You can always export it and then filter it through a spreadsheet too, but I do not believe there is a number count per model any other way. I did suggest this as well once before. your report, then click FILTER, then choose your model or category and see if that gives you the. number.  It doesn’t change your view settings, it’s a filter that is temporary.  For example, this view typically has 208 records/items.  But here I filtered two models and I can see in the lower right hand corner there are 3.  You would have to do this for every single model which can be a little tedious but that is the only way I know how.



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Oh my… how tedious and annoying!

Did they/you ever suggest Asset reports in relation to this?
I can’t believe this is left out.

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I did put in a recommended feature request once before.  But I have found such great ways to use those custom views to manipulate the information I need.  But IIQ puts out new features and updates so frequently I’m confident it will happen soon.  If nothing else I suggested it be in the Admin/Models section so we can at a glance see how many assets of each model we have so we know which models to enable and which ones to disable.