Assets deleted when sent to repair depot and deprovisioned


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Our district operates in a Chromebook environment, which means we sometimes need repairs that go out to the depot. As part of the repair process, the depot performs a powerwash which deprovisions the devices. Since we synchronize from Google to IIQ, this causes assets to be deleted in IIQ, which is problematic. I'm wondering if there's a way to work around this issue, or if there are other possible solutions. 





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There’s a setting in your Google Devices app for that, you likely have it set to remove the device from iiQ. For us, we just map it to a status.



@jclarkHow are you handling when you actually need to deprovision devices in Google and retire them?

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We continue to deprovision like normal. Typically when we deprovision a device for repair, it is re-enrolled the same day and iiQ never knows about it because the sync runs overnight. If for some reason it doesn’t get re-enrolled the same day, it is automatically set to “Retired” in iiQ but will switch back to “In Service” on the next sync and it sees that the device is active in Google again.

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@CHart 400fe4e mmuusd Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

Thanks @jclark for jumping in with that Google Device setting!