Assets with Serial number or barcode

  • 17 November 2022
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How do you work with Asset Models that we don’t have Serial Number or barcode?   Can you?

The need is we have Audio Equipment in classrooms, and we did not want to inventory the Serial Number and we did not put Asset Tags on them.   I would still like to know which rooms have the Audio Equipment by location and allow a teacher to submit a ticket with an issue related to their Audio device.   

For example, “my audio enhancement in Room 12 at School is making a hissing noise”   I want to track that it was an equipment problem, but don’t need to know the serial number or asset tag.   

does that make sense?  or should we go around and collect the serial number and put asset tags on every device?




2 replies

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@nathaniel_lindley Thank you for submitting your question. 

I would suggest putting an asset tag on each device if you wanting to submit tickets on the devices. 

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Another workaround is assigning these “assets” to the room. So that way it will be easy for the teachers to select that asset from Quick Tickets. 

This way you do not have to a label on the device. And they will still be able to submit a ticket for it from their dashboard. (If you are allowing teachers to log in to Incident IQ).