Assign a device to a room so a teacher can submit a ticket for that device

  • 27 October 2023
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Is it possible to do this in IncidentIQ:

  1. Assign a device (such as a projector, smart board or Apple TV) to a room?
  2. Assign a Room to a User (teacher or Admin)?
  3. Have it possible that the teacher would see the device assigned to the room so they can submit a ticket for the device that is in their room?

I am trying to set up parts (bulbs) for projectors.  We have around 10 different types of projectors and when a teacher submits a ticket for a projector not working, the Agent that works that building would know which specific bulb they would need to bring with them if it needs replacing.  If the teacher selects the wrong type of projector, the Agent would have to make multiple trips if they don’t have the correct bulb.

2 replies

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If you assign a location to a device when you are creating/editing the asset, it is possible for the person to search for an asset by room number when they are creating a ticket.

  1. First, make sure your device has an assigned room location:


  2. It then becomes possible to search for asset by room # and it will list all devices associated with that location:


I don’t think there is a way to for the device to automatically populate for that specific user unless you assign it to them as the individual Owner of the device. You could also go that route, but if you didn’t want to associate the device with the user individually having them search by room # would be the other way for them to find the device when they are submitting a ticket.

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@KHarvey 817e639 rsu57 Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 

@PBauchan 650c0fd mvsd This is a great first step to setting those up! 

You can assign a device to a room instead of a person - here is an article written by our own @Cozmo03 

Your users can also favorite those devices assigned in their room, making it easy to find them. Additionally, here is an idea where you can set a rule to assign those devices within their favorites.