Best practice for retired devices?

  • 13 September 2022
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I’m curious to know what others are doing with their “retired” devices within IIQ. Do you just change the status to retired and are done with it?

I know that there are a few posts asking IIQ to offer multiple databases so that retired devices can me moved out and into another db; and I know that you can’t simply delete the asset because while it lives on in the deleted asset area, it will no longer be searchable.

So… what’s your best practice for keeping retired/sold/etc devices within IIQ.

Thanks in advance.

14 replies

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@BCHSJAnderson Thank you for submitting your question! I am tagging some users who have good insight on our program. 

@bclark @Cozmo03 @Belcher.shane Do y’all have any suggestions? 

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We have been pondering this as well, we thought about just deleting them, but then we would lose the device history. I think we have started putting the history under the user in the notes field. For example, student A, has broken 4 iPads. They can no longer take it home. Instead of having 5 devices (4 broken, 1 In Service) assigned to the student.

We sell the old devices (about every 3 years) so we are thinking about deleting them, but we have not come to a conclusion yet.


Anyone else have thoughts?

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This is my solution at the moment:

I created a new Location to “moved” all of our Retired devices. I know this might be a wasted step, but I always forget to filter by status, where as filtering by location is second nature. I’m sure there is a better way.

Always seeing the devices before filtering or when searching (especially poor functioning devices we retired) is a bummer.

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For Retired devices not tied to a user, such as a classroom Projector, we give them a status of Retired. Their location is the building for our Tech Department and we made a room called “Device Discard” that they get assigned to. 

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@bclark  Thank you so much for your insight into your process!

@BCHSJAnderson I hope this helps! 

We made the decision to keep devices assigned to users even after retiring the device and changing status, so we have that record of yes this person has already broken three laptops, similar to “Cozmo03”.  We would greatly appreciate however when viewing a User and the page shows their devices, to have some indicator of each device’s status without having to click on the asset to check.

How is everyone dealing with students/user who have graduated from the school? we are pulling our students from our Google domain. The device attached to the student would then be consider retired with them as they graduate. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. Thank you!


We move devices to a special location and a series of special rooms. A device is first moved to location z_Inactive room Agenda Ready. That makes it easy to get a list of all the items we have ready to be board approved for disposal. Once approved they move into room Approved for Sale. We then list them for sale on Govdeals. Once they are sold/disposed of, they move to their final resting place room Retired. During this last move they are also marked with a status of retired.

I simplified the above a bit because there are provisions for special use cases like dealing with devices that go missing or are stolen. Those devices may keep their status, like stolen, but move to the retired room.

I’ve got some feature requests in to segregate the data somehow, like a special location. I love the idea of keeping devices around for historical reasons, but day to day I do not need to view every CB I ever owned. So I basically don’t use the default asset explorer or its views, ever. I’ve made all my own that exclude the retired device location.

To be fair this is a me problem as the guy using the data to look at big picture things. It doesn’t plague my techs who are dealing with a single device at a time, most of the time.

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@KPL We are a private school and have the families buy their Chromebooks. Once students graduate (or withdrawal if mid year) we de-provision the Chromebook. IIQ can remove de-provisioned units from your inventory automatically. Then July 1 we suspend graduated student email accounts from our domain.

There is a feature inside of IIQ that allows you to remove Chromebooks when de-provisioned.


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We mark devices as Ready for Disposal (custom status) when they are being surplused. Once device is Board Approved for Surplus, we mark retired date as board approval date and change status to Approved for Surplus. Our district uses a company for disposal that provides a certificate of destruction. Once the item has been picked up from our district, we delete the device.

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We are in the process of building an external app that connects the IQ API that handles all the transfers and disposal of all assets along with approvals at each step.  We have to route special approvals with our CTAE and Federal program devices.  We also have to include our Warehouse dept. who picks up the devices and allow them to verify the devices they are picking up.  We don’t house all assets in IIQ so we are having to combine two databases to pull and push location and status of those devices.  Thanks for all the insights as this will help us with our final resting place in IIQ for our disposals.  I’ll be sure to post our process and include some screenshots of our app once we are complete.  

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@Brendan McKinley @KPL @austin.thomsen @BCHSJAnderson @khovers @mcsdwes 

Thank y’all for adding your insight and knowledge to our thread about retired devices! 

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I created a new location for our retired devices called “Surplus Island”, I have a rule that sets any asset moved to that location to set the status as Retired/Surplussed. I’m waiting for a rule option some day to also let me trigger “stop sync with Google/Mosyle” if location is Surplus Island. Then if someone asks us for a list of obsolete items, I have it all in 1 easy export to send them.

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We feel we essentially have 2 different forms of “retirement”.  One is when a student leaves our district, we allow them to take their Chromebook with them if they wish-we have created a custom status for these called Graduated and mark assets as such.  Then we have the broken, recycled or truly retired devices-since we recycle all of those we just use the asset status recycled.