Bluetooth scanners and Rapid Scan

  • 20 November 2023
  • 4 replies

We have scanners capable of bluetooth, when connected with default settings they only scan partial numbers, if we slow down the transfer rate of the bluetooth signal, it will read the full barcode, however this does not trigger Rapid Scan.
Is there a way to manually trigger Rapid Scan? 
We looked into the Scanner setting in IIQ, however do not understand what those settings are actually adjusting. 

4 replies

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@AHollon 7301637 asdk12 Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

You are not alone in this issue. @bclark and @Cozmo03 were having a similar issue. Gentlemen, how did we solve the scanner issue for you? I have my notes, but I want to make sure it is the correct one. 

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We ended up in the same spot of slowing it down didn’t trigger rapid scan. Though it also meant just typing in text fields was less reliable as well if it wasn’t all typed as once. Ultimately we had to pick our poison of speeding up the barcode reading, which gave rapid scan and made text fields “normal” or slowing down the barcode reading with the trade offs that brought.

Thanks @bclark.
@Kathryn Carter So it sounds like there is not a resolution. It would be helpful if IIQ was able to manually prompt Rapid Scan or fix scanning issues, or both. Are you able to put a feature request in? 

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@AHollon 7301637 asdk12 You are able to submit your idea through our Idea Exchange. Please add your use case and as much detail as possible for our Product team to review.