Bulk Editing Assets

  • 21 December 2022
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Would anyone happen to know how to edit assets in bulk?  For example: Books.  If we have 30 of the same book, but need to edit all of them at once, is there a function for that?  Right now we have to click on each book one-by-one to edit all of them.  Extremely time consuming.   

Deleting the assets, then cloning again won’t work because then we will lose data such as which staff books are assigned to.   Thanks for reading and helping1 

3 replies

We use barcode scanners to bulk verify Chromebooks and iPads. You start scanning each barcode and then you can choose “Bulk Actions.” Sounds like this would work for you. We’re able to set classrooms, users, etc., so you should be able to scan a set of books to a specific classroom or teacher. Hope that’s helpful.

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If you are looking to edit without scanning, “views” are key to bulk management. If you identified an existing asset field that is filterable that could hold the book’s title, call#, or any other value representing the respective book, you could create an asset view to show all books with that value. Then, using the ‘Other’ dropdown to choose ‘set info’ could bulk edit all 30 of the books.

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Thank you @Lisa Crane & @bbeaudette for jumping in and providing answers! Love to see everyone helping each other on our community. It is what this platform is all about 😄