Check assets in as damaged on web interface

  • 29 November 2022
  • 5 replies

When I check an asset in on the app, I can mark it as damaged and a ticket is generated. I do not see a way of doing that on the web interface. Am I just missing it? I’d rather not have to use a phone to check in damaged devices.

5 replies

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@ANapoliello 9973cc1 roxbury Thank you for submitting your question. I was on the basic Check in page. You can click “New Ticket” and it will create a ticket for that device. I hope this helps 😄


Thanks, I’m trying to avoid having to manually put a ticket in. On the mobile app, I scan it, select “Check in, damaged,” then select the issue. The device is then checked in and a ticket is automatically created. 


^Check-in screen 1^

^Check-in ​​​screen 2^
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@ANapoliello 9973cc1 roxbury 

When you hit the “New Ticket” button, it will prompt you to the “issue category”, which is the same step in the process that you are doing on the app. You will be going through the same process, just on the web. 😄 I hope this helps! 

Thanks, but that still makes me walk through all of the steps of creating a ticket. When I check in on the app, I do not create a ticket. I just click “Check in-damaged” and a ticket is automatically created and submitted.

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@ANapoliello 9973cc1 roxbury 

I was testing this out today. When using the mobile app, the second step is to select the issue category and issue, after selecting “check in damaged.” This does create a ticket for that device. 


These are the same step when checking in a device in a browser. You select “New ticket” and then take you to the issue category and issue steps. The only difference is the last step, which takes you to the ticket details, where you have additional information to enter.