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Is it possible to check out an asset to a room rather than a user? Each year we have teachers who change rooms but the assets stay in the rooms (desktops, projector, SmartBoards)


Best answer by Deborah Prosser 3 May 2022, 22:31

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Hello, @andrew.smalley. It sounds like assigning rooms to assets could be solution for you. 

To assign rooms to assets, you will first need to import your rooms into your system. I am adding the help guide with these directions below. Once your rooms are imported, you can edit assets by selecting Options > Edit Asset under the asset image. Then, add the appropriate room location to the asset details. Thank you for reaching out to the Community and please let me know if you have any more questions.


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Can you assign assets to rooms via the import process, or is this a manual change by each individual asset?

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Hello @pvandehei. Yes, there are a couple of ways to complete this. You can do this through an automatic room creation during the asset import process for rooms that do not already exist at a location. Click here for more information on this route. 

If you have already added or imported the rooms for a location, you can add these rooms to the CSV template that you will use to import your assets. 


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Would it be crazy to make a room into a user? And all static faculty equipment is assigned to           “HAR-Room05”.

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@JustinC To answer your question, yes, it would be crazy.  😄

@Cozmo03 and @bclark can give you some tips on what they do with their static devices! (change the model type to facilities equipment, instead of a device)

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For what it’s worth we have experimented with the “room as a user” idea but ultimately it doesn’t make sense. We put things like monitors, projectors, etc in as Facility Equipment. The UI takes away the ability to assign them to a user but you can still do it via import if you really want to. But otherwise you’d be having to create a user for every single room you have which could potentially mess up other custom views/analytics/processes with all those fake users. (Though, we have a few fake locations so… maybe not so crazy after all).