Checking out consumables and small items?

  • 7 March 2022
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We have a need to show that we’ve checked out items such as a stylus, a charger and a sleeve/case to a student or staff member.  How are others handling this as IIQ doesn’t support this natively?  

At present we have designed a powerapp that integrates with IIQ and a custom field for each item.  Ideally I’d like to be able to add these as parts and check them out that way so it has a nice inventory record, but we haven’t been able to do that yet. 


Best answer by Carina Burns Randolph 19 April 2023, 17:27

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4 replies

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Hey @t.haas - great questions! Currently there is not a standard way of doing this, but it is on our radar for a future enhancement. We have seen some districts import them in as Assets, to be able to track them. I’m also curious to see how some of the other districts are handling these smaller items.

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We set up fines using the Fines system for anything that should be returned, that is not. That way we know how many consumables we’re missing based on the parts inventory system. It is not perfect, but it gives us a few points of data to make views off of.

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We haven’t done this in IIQ but we did it in our previous system.  You could create a custom field, called Bundle, and then have a list values for stylus, charger, and cases.  Tick items that are bundled with the device.  Bulk updates though only allow one value to be set at a time so if an model has all three items, you’d have to run the update three times.  Plus there’s the issue of having staff actually check the asset record on check in.   If you have roll out scout, then custom fields should be able to be added to the check in screen.

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@Carina Burns Randolph Love seeing this work around!