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  • 5 January 2023
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Maybe I’m missing something, so I’m hoping someone has the answer.


When looking at fields that I can map asset data to under “Incident IQ Apps > Manage > Data Mapping” - in the list of fields, PO Number is listed there and I have it checked to allow apps to update it, but when I go to do this with JAMF or Google, PO Number isn’t showing up as one of the fields I can map data to. Does anyone else map PO numbers from apps? If so, how? In our case, JAMF contains our iPad PO’s and it would be helpful to just have them write automatically overnight when the sync runs.


I’m afraid to just write it in as a custom field and inadvertently create a completely separate field with the same name.

3 replies

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Hi @jclark16 Thank you for your question. You are correct, currently PO Number cannot be updated by any apps. To update the PO Number you can either individual edit the asset or import that information via CSV. This would be a great enhancement request. I would suggest adding this to our idea exchange: This is where our product team goes to pick up new ideas.

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Ok, thanks for confirming! It does seem misleading since you can enable that option under the Data Mapping tab and select an app for it. It’s almost like it was intended to be an option and never happened.

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This idea was submitted based on this thread: