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  • 15 September 2023
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I need an inventory report for the DOE, CTAE and Title 1 that includes the info below. When I try using the filters I get zero results. What am I doiing wrong? Does anyone else run reports like this?

  • asset type
  • owner
  • asset status
  • model
  • serial number
  • asset tag
  • location
  • all purchaseing info: Funding, PO #, Purchase date, price, vendor, warranty

1 reply

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@MaryReed Thank you for submitting your question to our Community. 

First, head to Asset Explorer and create a new view. Once you do that, you will need to filter by the “Asset Funding Source.”

Then, in the Columns tab, you can add those specific lines of information you are requesting above: 

I hope this helps 😄