Email confirmation when an asset is checked-in

  • 25 March 2022
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Hi all!

I would like to send out a notification from IIQ to PARENTS when students’ devices/assets have been returned/checked-in. So far the only way that I know of to achieve this is to use RULE. HOWEVER, I am running into the following problems:

  1. Students email accounts in grades k-5 are not set up to receive emails due to security reasons.
  2. There is no option for me to create a rule that would send the alert to parents/guardians. (I have submitted a ticket to IIQ admin to see if this can be done).
  3. I can assign assets to parent users and make them “assignees”. Is there a way to assign 3000 devices to 3000 parents by uploading a CSV file? 

That’s it for now.

Thank you!


6 replies

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Hello, @ekang! Unfortunately, we are not set up to support this functionality as of right now. This would be a great addition to our idea exchange. To submit an idea, please click the link below.

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The method I came up with for our district was to create a $0 “Fine” in the Fee tracker and gave it a name of Device Turn In. It auto populates the last owner and you can press Add Fee right after checking it in on the Check In/Out tab. When you hit generate invoice it gives the option for email, where you can ask the parents for their personal email and the email shows up immediately.

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Thank you for sharing your alternate workaround, @TAnders. That’s a good suggestion 🙂

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Ughh.  I was just searching for this exact capability.

I’m a bit surprised that iiQ that is supposed to maintain inventory for students (and keep parents/guardians informed) has no way to confirm via a “checkin receipt” for the parent/guardian.

Disappointing for sure that something that I would consider an important feature requires a feature request and workarounds.

Also, it seems that a “check-out email” would be nice to have as well.

SnipeIT seems to do a decent job with the notifications


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I agree this is an important feature that is needed.

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I didn’t see an idea… so I created one.  Please UPVOTE it.