end users unable to search by asset #

  • 1 April 2024
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Is anyone else having this problem?  I’ve had a ticket open for some time and they cannot seem to solve it, but our end users are unable to search by asset number from “Search” feature on the dashboard, when they are putting in a ticket, or  when creating a quick ticket for a device.  The only time it works is when they are adding a favorite.  As an Admin, I have never had an issue with this, but when I began preparing a class to teach staff, I came across this issue.  Every user (Not an admin) that I tested, regardless of browser of device type have had this issue. Anyone else?


5 replies


Hello we ran into a similar issue earlier this year. I noticed that there was a large set of devices that some how the asset numbers were overwritten with the serial number. We never found the root cause of the issue.


Our issue is just a search issue.  the information has not been changed, but regular users are not able to pull up devices by asset numbers in the search fields. 

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@PThornhill 297ebe1 denisonisd - do the users you are referring to have the default Staff Role Permission? If so, I wonder if they would need view permissions under Assets? 

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@PThornhill 297ebe1 denisonisd 

There is a permission option that has to be enabled for user to search by asset tag number “View Asset List and Details”




We did find that yesterday.  However, we are using one that was by IIQ and it does not have that option selected.  I’m guessing to enable that feature, we will have to create our own role group and enable that.  Thank you for your response.