"Exchange" asset button in a ticket not what I think it is?


I’m am starting to think I’ve been using this feature incorrectly and would appreciate some input.   

When a ticket is created, say a chromebook has a broken screen, my typical process is to open the ticket, and click the “Exchange” button to the right near the affected asset.   A window pops up,  I scan the barcode of the new chromebook and update the status of the broken one to “broken”.   Thus completing the exchange for the student.   The ticket updates with the exchange as the performed action and I can resolve/close the ticket.    

The issue that I am now realizing is that the ticket for the broken screen is not attached/linked to the chromebook that is actually broken.  Its attached to the history of the new device - which is obviously not broken.    Being able to view the ticket history of any device is a huge advantage.   It seems as though any report I run for the end of the year will be wrong and this entire year’s worth of device tickets are probably attached to the wrong device.   




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This is an issue a few of us have seen as well. I don’t have the link handy (sorry @Kathryn Carter) but I know there is an Idea Exchange post for attaching multiple devices to tickets for your exact reason. Best answer I’ve come up with is to make a sub-ticket and attach the replacement device to that.


I found the idea suggestion for this.   Looking at everyone else’s comments about it leads me to think this is not an “idea” but a “bug” and a pretty serious one.   A ticket indicating a device is broken is not staying attached to the broken device and erroneously attached to another device that has nothing wrong with it.    That’s a bug to me.    *Shrugs*



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@MMaine 977a37a avsd and @bclark Here is the thread. 

Please upvote and comment your thoughts, concerns, and comments on that thread! 😄