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  • 7 February 2023
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We did our Google Admin Chromebook Asset bulk import to IncidentIQ and we have been entering asset data into the tickets and it’s been working great. Now that I’ve been through the process, I’d kind of like to just start over on our Chromebook import with as much clean Google Admin info as possible (When running the Google Devices Sync I have about 900 skips because there are assets conflicted over Asset Tag #’s already being used with a different Google Device ID).


Can someone tell me, if I were to delete all of our Chromecast assets from the Asset explorer, will that remove the asset information from tickets that we’re already worked through?


Or is there a better way to consolidate these devices by matching Google device ID?


Thank you!


Scott Sandrock


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I believe if you delete an asset, it never truly deletes it - anybody with the Admin role can see “deleted assets”. That way they can be restored if ever added back.


Thanks! I’ll have to give that a try.

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Report back your findings! I’d love to know what you find out for your scenario.

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Also, the Google Devices connector does continue to run nightly, so as you clean up Google Workspace as far as asset tag data, etc, iiQ will update on the nightly syncs. So you may not have to delete anything, just let it fix itself as you go.