How can a Teacher view a Chromebook ChromeOS version

  • 23 January 2023
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As state testing begins en masse for our schools, we often need/want to verify that the Student Chromebooks that they have checked out to them/at home are at the required ChromeOS level to support state testing.

But, only Agents can view the Asset details that show the ChromeOS.  AND there is no method to allow a Teacher to have a Custom View to see the complete inventory for the class.

This results in manual reports being generated over and over again as we attempt to confirm that the Google Auto Update ChromeOS policies are working/updating in advance of the start of testing.

Is there ANY permission that can be added to the Staff/Faculty that will allow the Asset details (ChromeOS version) to be viewed by Teachers?

2 replies

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Badge +12 Thank you for submitting your question. I want to reach out to some of our community members to see what their work arounds are for this.

@dunnojustin77 @SDOJWI @nburke @BrandonGHAPS @RoseHamlinCFB 

Thank you for being some of leaders in our Community this week! Do you have any suggested work arounds for 

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Badge +4 can you just create a new set of permissions and add view assets and maybe view log and for reports add view by location or model? Then assign those staff members to that view?  We have pretty much taken almost all of IIQ original permissions and copied them-and tweaked them a bit for what we want.  Are you having the updates run through Google Admin Console?  You could also run a view and setup the OS as a filter and find those that aren’t updated and tackle them individually-or share that view with your teachers once you adjust their permissions.