How often are models in the global Incident IQ Catalog updated?

  • 8 February 2023
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Our district just ordered several iPads (10th generation) but I noticed Incident IQ does not yet have this included in their list of available models as part of the global Incident IQ Catalog.


We can create our own model for it, but then, after Incident IQ gets around to updating the catalog, we’ll have two categories with the same name.


How often does Incident IQ update the global model catalog? Thanks.

2 replies

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I’ll add: it would be nice if the model names in the global Incident IQ Catalog were consistent:


Why is one of these called “Apple iPad 2 Wifi” and the other “Apple iPad (8th Generation)”?

Shouldn’t “Apple iPad 2 Wifi” be named “Apple iPad (2nd Generation)”?


We’re going to create a custom name to replace the poor naming consistency found across the global Incident IQ Catalog.

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@zige Thanks for submitting your question. The model categories are not updated as a new generation of product comes out. I would go ahead and create the custom models. It will allow you to include all the information you want and allows you to name it consistently. I hope this helps 😄