How to Filter Assets linked to another Asset

  • 7 November 2022
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We started using IncidentIQ in August.  I am just now working on linking Chromebooks to Carts.   I have gone through and created a number of carts and linked Chromebooks to 3 of them.   Before I go further, I want to start testing some features to make sure I am doing this correctly before fully implementing.

Does anyone know how I create a filter to select all of the chromebooks that are linked to the cart asset.  I can find how to select the cart easy enough, but don’t know how to select all of the devices linked to that cart.

Ideally, I would like to create a Google orgUnitPath Translation Map so that any devices linked to a cart are automatically moved to an OU for that cart.





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@patrickmckinney Thank you for being patient on a reply. 

Check out this thread with lots of information on linking assets! There are a few user examples in there.

This is also an idea submitted about linking devices through an OU path:

I hope these help 😄