How to Track items via Specific Location

Is it possible to search by Specific Location?

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@CWebb 26028aa lawtonps Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

I need some additional information to answer your question best. Are you trying to find a specific asset in one location? 

On the asset explorer, you can filter by location. Once there, you can search for a specific asset or you can search on the main page. 


We have a Location, with a Room inside it and then a shelving system with a Specific Location assigned. I am trying to search using the “Specific Location “ to identify all assets in that Specific Location.

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@CWebb 26028aa lawtonps You can filter to a field to show all of those devices at your specific location: 

Whether you create a new view or just filter, this is probably your best searching method. 

Thank You