Importing Assets - clarifying csv fields and custom field values

  • 19 September 2023
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In the default asset csv download, there are some fields that do not map to the asset record in IIQ:

  1. Retired Date, where does this value in the csv file map?
  2. Is the ‘Last Inventory Date” field in the csv meant to map to the “Last Verification” field in the asset record?
  3. Finally, if I have a “OnOff” field in the asset record and want to add that field to the csv file import, what value to I provide in the csv? Are these yes/no or 0/1?


1 reply

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I hate to jump my own post, but I just noticed something else….The following fields are present in the IIQ asset record but not the csv template:

  • Invoice Number
  • Vendor
  • Insurance Expiration Date
  • Insurance Info

Is this intended? If so, why? I’m adding it to my csv template but wondering why it was omitted.