Importing Assets - clarifying csv fields and custom field values

  • 19 September 2023
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In the default asset csv download, there are some fields that do not map to the asset record in IIQ:

  1. Retired Date, where does this value in the csv file map?
  2. Is the ‘Last Inventory Date” field in the csv meant to map to the “Last Verification” field in the asset record?
  3. Finally, if I have a “OnOff” field in the asset record and want to add that field to the csv file import, what value to I provide in the csv? Are these yes/no or 0/1?



Best answer by Kathryn Carter 21 September 2023, 16:08

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7 replies

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I hate to jump my own post, but I just noticed something else….The following fields are present in the IIQ asset record but not the csv template:

  • Invoice Number
  • Vendor
  • Insurance Expiration Date
  • Insurance Info

Is this intended? If so, why? I’m adding it to my csv template but wondering why it was omitted.

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@bbeaudette Thank you for submitting your question to our Community. 

  1. The retire date is in column “O” of the CSV; as for the field it shows up, it is a custom field you need to create.
  2. Yes.
  3. You will add true/false to that field.
  4. The CSV template doesn’t require everything that shows on the asset details page. Additionally, that information you want to bring into iiQ via the CSV, you can just create the column and map it to that field. Or, if we don’t have it, you can create a custom field and map it to that field.

I hope this helps 😄

Can the csv import update fields such as “Expected Lifetime (years)”? Is there any way to mass update those type of fields?

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@NSchroeder 2202fcb arrowhead Manually enter your data (all your fields) for one asset. Export that asset to a csv. The csv should have all fields. If so, delete your asset. Then, upload your csv to recreate the asset. Confirm which fields were populated. If it works, you’ve just created a csv template to mass upload/update. I recall this process worked for me in order to add additional fields that are not included in the vanilla csv template.

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@NSchroeder 2202fcb arrowhead Great question! If you already have the Custom Field created in iiQ, you can create a column that matches that name and bulk update via CSV. Make sure you map those fields when checking the import. I hope this helps 😄


@Kathryn Carter @bbeaudette The export process doesn’t work because the depreciation information fields are not columns that are available to export. For the same reason, the csv import doesn’t work for depreciation fields because the system isn’t able to map them. It should work, but for some reason the system doesn’t let you map those fields.

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Confirmed @NSchroeder 2202fcb arrowhead’s issue. Those new asset fields are not ex/importable. Sure looks like a bug. Did you submit a support ticket to IIQ? That looks like next steps.