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How can I pull an inventory report for assets by classroom?

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Hi there! Can you give me an example of what it is you’re looking to do? We do have a filter for assets by “room” and depending on some of your site option configurations & rules, we could get something built out.


Keep us posted!

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@FWALSH 2801352 fps here is how we run those reports:

  1. Navigate to Users Explorer and search for the teacher.
  2. Click to open the teachers’ page and scroll down to their listed Classes.
  3. Click on the Class name and this will open the list of students and their assigned assets. To obtain an exportable view/report:
  4. Click to highlight and copy the Class name.
  5. Open the Assets tab and click on New View.
  6. Add the Filter for Class and then paste the Class name to search it.
  7. Click to select the class and click save.
  8. Add additional Filters for Model Categories: Tablets, Laptops and Role: Students.
  9. Click to save the view. You now have a view of all assigned Tablets/Laptops for a particular Class and can share/export the view as needed. 
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@FWALSH 2801352 fps Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

@Erica Thank you for adding your process here. This would be the most direct way to pull a report of those assets per class! 

I hope this helps

Our system is not set up to do that. 

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@FWALSH 2801352 fps How is your system set up? I would love talk through this with you more!