Keeping track of asset moves (New to IIQ)

  • 14 November 2022
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Good morning, I am a new System Administrator to a district that uses IncidentIQ.  I have been tasked with finding a way to automate our asset location changes.  Our current system involves the following:

  • Tech moves a device from Site A to Site B
  • Tech fills out a Google form that documents the move from A to B
  • Finance gets the form and then makes the change on their end

We would like to eliminate the middle step of the Techs having to fill out a Google Form.  If possible, we would like to implement some way in tickets of forcing a Tech to answer a question if a device was moved or not.  If the device was moved, it is to be documented some way in IncidentIQ.  I would then like to schedule a report to be ran at the beginning of the month that would send a list of all assets that moved locations that month to the Finance person’s email.

Is this possible in some way?  Thanks for your time.

5 replies

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Thank you for submitting your question. Are the devices that are moving, are they still assigned to an owner, or are they just being moved? 

I am working through a few scenarios but I want to make sure I have all the information. 

Usually the scenario is that a chromebook is assigned to a student and the student moves to a different school.  There are some similar scenarios that also involve removing the user from the device such as assets that are destroyed etc.

The primary purpose of this is to streamline the IIQ side of things so that the finance department software (separate and state required) can be updated once a month for audit reasons.

Thanks for your time and assistance in this matter.

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@DGates 590ba58 csd Thank you for being patient. 

Any actions performed in iiQ are logged. Here is an example of an asset timeline showing the location changed.

There is no way to force a tech to answer a question when working on a ticket. However, you can make it required for them to verify the asset when working on tickets. This way they can change the location if needed. This setting can be turned on under Site Options. 

Then you can create a custom view that shows all assets that have changed location based on a timeframe. We can not auto-send these reports. But you can export the custom view and send them over to your finance team. Here is a screenshot of the custom view.

The time can be set for this month or last month. The filter for the time range will need to be updated as you pull those reports. 

I hope this helps 😄

Thank you so much for your input and the time to compile this data.  I’ll look into this shortly to see if we can use this to accomplish our goals.

Timeline and Revisions are a LIFESAVER!!!