Label For Devices That Need Repair

  • 23 August 2023
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     Hey! Whenever a student damages a Chromebook, one our techs will record this damage in iiQ by adding a fine for the student and asset in the Fee Tracker app. We then want a way to look at that physical device and know it’s one that still needs to be repaired.

     For years, we will write “Replace Keyboard” or something short on a sticky note taped to the device so we can keep these laptops organized and separate. What’s a better way for us to do this? I know previous systems I’ve used have had the ability to print out a small label with a description of the ticket/repair that needs to be completed. Is there any way for us to do this? If not inside of IncidentIQ/Fee Tracker, then I’d be curious to open this up for discussion on how other districts are doing this.

1 reply

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@calexander Thank you for submitting your question to our Community. 

At this time, this is not something we offer. However, check out this idea that is similar to your request to upvote and comment your use case on!