Label printer options? - Dymo LabelWriter 450 discontinued

  • 26 April 2022
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I know that IIQ officially recommends the Dymo LabelWriter 450 printer with the 1” x 3.5” labels. We have one and it works great. However, we are now looking to add 2 more label printers in our environment and the LabelWriter 450 model is now discontinued.

Is there a recommended replacement for the LabelWriter 450 model? I believe the LabelWriter 550 would be the “new” model, but the reviews are pretty terrible across the board, mostly due to Dymo forcing the use of official Dymo labels, which have apparently dramatically increased in price.


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5 replies

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We started using the Brother QL-820NWB and like it better than the Dymo.  Also has a dockable Brother Printer Small Rechargeable Battery (PABU001) available for it which is sold separately, but has come in really handy. Unsure if aftermarket labels due to DRM are an issue with this printer since we only buy brand/official rolls.  

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We just received DYMO 550 Turbos since we could no longer get 450s.  We are switching to the durable DYMO 1x3 ½ labels (1933081) this year as standard address labels are not holding up on Chromebooks. The 550 does force you to use genuine labels. 😡 The new 1” label vs the old 1 1/8” printed with the 550 is cutting off the top line. Sometimes half the row is cut off. I tried some printer margin adjustments with no luck.   I opened a support ticket to see if there is any way to adjust the layout/output from IIQ.


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Thank you both for that feedback. Very helpful.

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@sestep Did you ever get this issue resolved with it cutting off the name? We are looking for a recommended machine to buy.

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@svogelsong Not sure if you saw this thread, but here is what other community members use as well: 😄