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  • 12 September 2023
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This may be a dumb question, but is there a relationship between linked assests?

In our old system there was a parent/child relationship between assets. So if I wanted to link an asset I had to go to the child component and select the parent asset it belonged to.

However, asset linking in iiQ appears to be just that… a link. It seems as though, in iiQ, it wouldn’t matter if, for example, you were viewing the switch module and clicked on Link Asset and then chose switch chasis or if you were looking at the switch chasis and clicked on Link Asset and then chose the module. Am I understanding this correctly?


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5 replies

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@rymcdougall Thank you for submitting your question to our Community. 

Linked assets show up under the linked assets tab on the asset profile page. 

“The Linked Assets feature allows you to tie devices together for ease of reference and can be used in various situations. From establishing a relationship between a computer and monitor in a system to connecting all the computers in a tab together.”



When will we be able to pull up an export of Linked assets showing the parent/child relationship? Currently there is no open to be able to do an export from a device cart for example to show exactly what assets were associated with the cart and all of the funding information associated with each asset.


This would be very helpful going forward. :)

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@PVALDESPINO 5803832 scuc Thank you for your feedback. I was about to link you to this idea, but it looks like you beat me to it 😄


Another thing to look at would be if I move one asset it should at bare minimum ask if linked assets needs to be moved as well. If not simply moving the assets together as if they were linked.

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@DAdmin 89723bd nrwcs Good point! Thanks for adding this here. 😄